Document X: Direct Evidence of God’s Existence

DocXAgainst the background of many conflicting views concerning the Big Questions of existence, I re-examine an ancient text, which I have dubbed “Document X’. This study uncovers new evidence and stunning information about the origin and development of the Universe and life.

Through an incredible journey from the birth of the cosmos to its very end, Document X seeks to prove God’s existence by answering questions such as ‘how was the Universe was created?’, ‘how did life originate?’, ‘is evolution true?’ and ‘how will the Universe end?’.

In clear cut scientific language, the document expresses its superior knowledge of the universe, revealing its deep secrets and thereby demonstrating that the answers to these issues are not the outcome of human imagination, but rather based on divine knowledge and proof of the existence of God.

Yes, this is an extraordinary claim, but one cannot argue against the rather extraordinary evidence.